vol 104.

well shit.

the other day, my elderly neighbor-lady turned to me from her porch and said, “well, this sure is a real bowl of sour cherries now isn’t it?” ya. so, anyway, i’ve decided to be a goober and host thurs list office hours tomorrow fri 3.27 from 1-2pm pst. zoom me then / there / here if ya like. password: thurslist. i’ll see you all the time:

1.  my bro-in-law tweeted these soothing jams & bless him he said he’d update t/his playlist.
2.  for something punchier, w+k quarantunes is an open collab treasure trove. don’t fuck it up.
3.  imo eater pdx’s round-up has been the most accurate n’ comprehensive. bookmark dat shit.
4.  speaking of reasons to work out: have i preached at you re: the class? no? @ me. i’m all in.
5.  pitchfork, choosing 2 be a mensch for once, is updating this delightful sched daily. ty hunny!
6.  zoom-tv crib peeps: hit up open doors 4 more-o-the-same, but nicer. dakota’s is asmr gold.
7.  s/o 2 my mom for the cincinnati zoo hot tip. 12pm pst every damn day. obvs my fifi was 1st.
8.  she also sent me the monterey live cams and u can bet ur ass i stream the open seas 24/7.
9.  not into add’l homework rn, but, shit, 450 ivy courses 4 free? some1 smart up & report back.
10.  i mean, if sarah’s on the alison roman apocalypse train, then i’m def on board. got favs?
11.  signaturesoft upstate sweatsuit won’t fix shit, but what else r we gonna do? not lounge?
12.  h/t amy 4 this cool web game. see also my “welcome back, web 2012” working theories.
13.  seth drafted us personal pandemic recs & now 80s-era holly hunter is my xanax n’ chill.
14.  “a common misconception is that spiritual journeys require travel.” – michael lipsey

80s-era spiritual journey.