vol 103.

hi honeys!

i was thinking, today feels like the perfect day to send one of these. ya? you got it. for yous and yours and anyone else who needs it:

1.  oh lord y’all i just discovered kottke is a certified hottie mcscottie. did. not. see. this. coming.
2.  fuck it, we vibing. fiona’s waddle and this chill dude are giving me life and all the joy rn.
3.  kate blessed me w/ her relentless picnic rec & now i’m desperate to talk to about it. haaalp.
4.  a spring 2020 reno means selling some good stuff and stalking cathy & garrett 4 awhile.
5.  damn i’m excited to see how lazy susan does in the old country cat space. could b vvv güd.
6.  “if not, someone was clearly pulling my pisser.” – florence pugh’s fuckin’ amazing mukbang.
7.  on that last awful stretch of the wire and boy do these miniatures make me miss old lester.
8.  if ur not gonna follow my #1 main man office doggo then honestly idk if we can still be frans.
9.  pack up. we’re going to la and we’re staying at 1 of 5 schwank-ass hotels. stop complaining.
10.  emily asked if i’d heard of neat. a: no, so obvs i promptly scrolled 100 hrs of my life away.
11.  15-year-old me is wondering if 311 would play amber on repeat for the entire 3.5 show. thx.
12.  pretty sure there’s never been a more important eater round-up than this one right here.
13.  i say this, like, every time, but today i mean it: imma pierce my ears. i can’t not own these.
14.  flying fish is hosting an oyster battle sat & my kosher husband is outta town & i’m going.
15.  “a few years ago, i met a woman at a wedding who told me that she pictured marriage like two astronauts floating around in space, tethered together … naturally, i leaned in to hear her marital advice. ‘you can’t prevent the drift,’ she said. ‘it’s natural. the trick is noticing when the distance gets too big, and knowing how to pull each other back in.’ … i’ve always liked that reeling-in analogy. what better way to describe a relationship than two people fumbling with ropes at zero gravity, waving their arms around, trying to sync up?” – charlotte cowles

could b vvv güd.