vol 102.

oh why yes helloooooo.

wasn’t sure this was happening today, but then idk caught a wave and went on a tear and, well, here we are. for you and the crew. some grade a hullabaloo:

1.  luv my work ppls, but if those fuckerz don’t stop stealing from my personal pen stash ayyy.
2.  thought i tried every hot yoga joint in town, but then jenna took me to hot pilates. shiiiiiiiiit.
3.  sue & i saw mcmillion$ at sundance and omg agent mathews can you be in everything??
4.  going out on a limb here, but guessing that many of us are here for the booksellers movie.
5.  longing for cold, winter days biking up and down the williamsburg bridge. i still miss nyc.
6.  “veiled in compliments is the same message over and over again: keep going.” – this feeling
7.  a world where ina shows glossier some genuine, unsponsored love: a world worth saving.
8.  i just learned about dinosaurs in love a few min ago so forgive me, but i am shook y shook.
9.  gge are coming to portland sat 5.30 & i bought a ticket … oy lawd i’m a podcast person now.
10.  dan deacon thurs 3.19 & wye oak sat 3.21? that’s some g-damn concert umami right there.
11.  dear real good food, may the wee lil’ foodie specialty store wave you rode in on never ebb.
12.  angstalgia: feelings of acute nostalgia for a time to which you would dread to return. ooof.
13.  <3’d little women like everyone else, but when saul goodman walked in i literally could not.
14.  finally cracked open fleishman and ooooweee am i having one helluva good bad sad time.
15.  “a girl can do what she wants to do and that’s what i’m gonna do.” – joan jett

unsponsored dinosaur love.