vol 101.

hola bbs.

it’s a brand new day so i’m just gonna get to it. here we go magic:

1.  the semisonic closing time (no, srsly) song exploder had me and seth sobbing. i kid u not.
2.  big ups to kai 4 the alex proba hot tip: woonwinkle stocks these gorge rugs & pillows now!
3.  “so new it’s not even on google yet søren shop is da one to watch.” – my personal opinion
4.  i hopped on the dolly parton’s america bandwagon and hot damn i never wanna hop off.
5.  oh, taylorsmith. if only our home ft. a money tree to fund a bangin’ adu for you to build.
6.  okayyyy malka. i see u & ur matzo ball khao soi. just lemme know when i can walk on in.
7.  dang i wanna try pattern, but i just refilled my evo & i’m in the amazon dog house w/ seth.
8.  oh, man repeller. you had me at 3 extremely sincere outfits inspired by uncut gems. sold.
9.  soooo whaddawe think? is someday the new portland bar of our late night drinky dreams?
10.  forrrr the record i ™’d “see a corgi. pick it up. all day long you’ll have good luck” in feb ’16.
11.  many thx to portland monthly for the midwinter pro tips on st. helens snowshoeing. check.
12.  wait wait what how is it possible this song came out in 2004? where did the time goooo?
13.  minus 2 pts for t mag f-ing up the pieces url, but plus 5 pts for all the inspo. solid net gain.
14.  “there is never any end. there are always new sounds to imagine: new feelings to get at. and always, there is the need to keep purifying these feelings and sounds so that we can really see what we’ve discovered in its pure state. so that we can see more clearly what we are. in that way, we can give to those who listen, the essence — the best of what we are. but to do that at each stage, we have to keep on cleaning the mirror.” – john coltrane

hot damn bandwagon.