vol 98.

whatup good ppl.

congrats on another week well spent. you did good! brought you back some of those hard earned presents. have at ’em:

1.  damn i’ve read the grit and polish backstory like 5x. i can haz retirement 2 now or naw?
2.  currently picking up eeeeeeeeverything hommegirls is putting down. i meannnnn shit.
3.  been sleeping on foster powell. thunderbird is basically the perfect bar and now otto. dang.
4.  s/o to miss piggy’s feminist mystique for breathing some luxe good life back into my week.
5.  my therapist is obsessed w/ this a+ esther perel podcast & oh my god i can’t look away.
6.  “the boat was kept afloat by j.lo who ordered 100 candles every month, sometimes 200.”
7.  f-ing love the new haim so much. damn i’m in it. been tryin’ to find my way back for a min.
8.  yes but did *u* know it *used* to be called wordstock? lol this nerd ass town. see u sat 11.9.
9.  seeing parasite tonight & am pretty pumped, but also like 100% unprepared. is it spooky??
10.  if this year’s zoo lights is as lit as last year, then uhhh hell yea count me in. sexyyyyyyy.
11.  so what if i luv redfin & open houses & seahaven holiday home tours? leave me alone.
12.  also not embarrassed this targeted insta bs got us 2 book one 4 the holidays. 2 bored jews.
13.  “q: does there come a point in being a success when the laurels get heaped so high that you just kind of fall ass-backwards onto it and have a rest? or is everything exhausting, forever? a: christ i can’t wait to fall ass-backwards onto laurels.” – richard lawson

nerd ass laurels.