vol 97.

my ppl.

i adore you. this one’s for the roadies. let’s go, it’s showtime:

1.  woah woah woah maje alkatz hot tip on kate woodman‘s portrait sesh pop-up sun 11.3.
2.  reader poll … am i the only one just now getting around to watching the wire? so. many. q’s.
3.  i would like to visit palomar several times in the next few months *marked as urgent* pls & ty.
4.  weird fun thing w/ the jupiter + movie madness. seth is suspicious, but w/e i’m here for it.
5.  100% considering booking a trip to nyc just to visit slime paradise at the sloomoo institute.
6.  also trying v hard to convince seth to visit todos santos just to stay at san cristobal. not sry.
7.  man am i excited about this new hotel + bar + restaurant opening on mlk. izgonnabegood.
8.  found daphne via this interview and, i gotta say, the mood of her feed is so on it. approved.
9.  oh wow def underestimated the # of perfectly bonkers christmas flicks this year. get it fam.
10. i like fiction pods now. maybe this is why ppl like books on tape. amazing! case closed!
11.  original cast goddammit or i don’t want ur fake ass platform sequel u amucky mucks.
12.  in re: spookiness, might i suggest u follow the worms. the best is the dad. sound on!
13.  “it’s okay … nothing changes, except what has to.” – captain cragen, svu