vol 96.

o hey hi whatupppp hello.

update! believe it or not, some good stuff’s going on, too good not to share. this one’s for all y’all:

1.  really stoked everyone’s still on board with thurs being the best day. happy best day, bitches.
2.  if anyone’s wondering what my favorite cereal to eat by the fistfuls is, it’s this one alright?
3.  these two songs on repeat until i want to murder them b/c idk that’s how i’ve always been.
4.  spent 4 days moving 1231 yelp bookmarks into a pdx collection. welcome 2 the freak show.
5.  would <3 the cute sweatshirt to come in like 3+ colors. never been much of a burgundy gal.
6.  boo hiss t magazine now i want these $300 jeans vvv badly. what am i supposed to do now?
7.  rough holiday plans: bake tons of thinly iced sugar cookies with @alpal & watch let it snow.
8.  ok but srsly what’s a must stay hotel in santa fe? el rey court? asking mostly for marsh.
9.  seeing electric guest wed 10.30 slash making it up to myself for stupidly opting out last year.
10.  cool but why do bakeries close so fuckin earlyyyy? no baked goods past 2pm is a sham!
11.  i’m supposed to be nickel arcade-ing this sun 10.27, but it’s also the flea so ugh i’m torn.
12.  if my bathroom ends up lookin’ like this i’m gonna give so many hugs ppl did not ask for.
13.  not totally sure where this is going, but my spidey sense says rising wolf is one to watch.
14.  seth wants 2 note fleabag was originally a 1-woman show & third rail’s showing it sat 10.26.
15.  “writing is a form of therapy; sometimes i wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.” – graham greene

cute jeans by the fistfuls.