vol 95.

hey ppl.

ok let’s address the elephant in the room. the last thurs list i sent was, like, 4 months ago. here’s the thing: i’m getting married this sunday (hi seth!) and planning a medium-big jewish wedding in your 30s is hard work & fuckin time-consuming buuuuut we hired a baller planner (hi catherine!) so this final stretch is actually quite nice and i had some free time and i really wanted to write one of these so, here we are. i miss you! i love you! l’chaim!

1.  very late to this party, but obsessed w/ deadshot & their truly inspired pickled kangaroo.
2.  if han oak modern afternoon tea pop-up isn’t the most pdx thing ever, i don’t know what is.
3.  currently living for all 22 seconds of the kept me crying breakdown at 0:52. clap. clap. clap.
4.  fingers crossed the zoo will fly in fifi & bibi to attend this tue 8.13 feist / rhye concert w/ me.
5.  hi yes did someone here say cute houseboats to rent? ok that’s good b/c i am here 4 that.
6.  fleabag is baaaack. i def watched season 1, but all i really remember is not wanting it to end.
7.  lotta new spots i’d totally add to our wedding guest to-do recs. scotch lodge 4 sure 1 of ’em.
8.  did this a lil backwards & read normal people first. uh-may-zing. onto conversations now!
9.  big ups 2 mrs. derse 4 spotting this v exciting midsummer jew-y delicatessen night’s dream.
10.  dang these are sold out / i don’t have time 2 add everything else she makes to my registry.
11.  i still can’t believe this home exists in manhattan and, like, someone lives inside it. money!
12.  if you’re not taking working staycations in woodlark’s lobby, then idk what 2 tell you, man.
13.  not really counting down the days till ellsworth kelly stamps are avail, but u get the idea.
14.  “take a ton of pictures, text your friends stupid things, check in with old friends as often as possible, express admiration to co-workers, and every day, tell as many people as you can that you love them. a couple of minutes every day — the payoff is small at first, and then it’s immense.” – scott galloway

midsummer night’s deli.