vol 94.

hello beautiful ppl!

i don’t know about you, but lately i’ve been feeling hella overdue for an upswing. this one’s for anyone on the swings looking for a good push:

1.  i’m about 50 plays away from this song making me a little nauseous. w/e. idgaf. 49 plays.
2.  speaking of songs i can’t play due to obsessive repeat behavior, beirut’s here thurs 2.28.
3.  h/t momma marsh for the weinermobile scoop. if she wins, i’m quitting my day job. shotgun!
4.  the pun work on this trend forecast is truly impeccable. obbbbbviously an mjr production.
5.  have we talked about hummus yet? no? well, then. let’s f*ckin talk about hummus. gdamn.
6.  i know this is a fake-y brand post, but i can’t help it. i’m super into that hard things poster!
7.  fiona turned 2 last week and i really just need everyone to settle in, level up, and get into it.
8.  james turrell is alive and well. i had to google it when i saw the latest on roden crater. ooo!
9.  last yr, natural wine bars. this yr, hard 2 google bars. g’luck west & unnamed speakeasy.
10.  healthy japanese cafés & grocery stores are also having a moment. i’m here 4 it, maybe?
11.  emily cooked this up the other day & now i’m having recurring veggie lasagna dreams.
12.  seth doesn’t want either of these 44″ tramps on l’registry so they’re going here instead. thx.
13.  my camp friend is bon appétit’s deputy editor now. she was unbelievably cool back then 2.
14.  “i’m waiting for a new me to show up in my mind.” – david berman

japanese turrell speakeasy.