vol 93.

hi hi hello there.

this is a quiet little thurs list to help soothe your souls and cure your ills and get your lovely ass to tomorrow with the hope of a ‘lil something extra extra. read all about it:

1.  i’d do super regrettable things to turn my janky basement gym into this grown ass one.
2.  seth is v skeptical about mlb to pdx, but my gut says a stadium and a team is hella nigh.
3.  good, cause i like roughing it with a money back guarantee of reallllllllllly good ‘grams.
4.  wish i had listened to this one work dick who totally called the bougie weed market boom.
5.  were vip zoolights tix worth $160? some said no, others said o-dang that is a sexy gorilla.
6.  good news re seth’s new waterproof shower speaker: the on/off sounds are super pleasant.
7.  i can’t remember who told me about hello good morning, but p sure they said nice things.
8.  brb running away from my problems to have a rich ass happy life in this silverlake three step.
9.  still fighting a bs head cold, but on the bright side there’s soup. my god there’s always soup.
10.  new “no phones in the bedroom” rule. love it but also … buying an alarm clock is v weird.
11.  q: if seth & i hosted a ’09-’12 dance party in our unfinished basement would u attend?
12.  a: yes b/c that era was beautiful & we still got the same feels that moved us 7-10 yrs ago.
13.  i’m here for the “dress to impress … no matching solids!” sun 1.20 yg afterparty dress code.
14.  “& how many times have you loved me without my asking? how often have i loved a thing because you loved it? including me” – danez smith

vip good morning.