vol 92.

hi honeys,

how u doin? good? same. i know i know it’s been a minute. but but but wait. look! i found some things. wrote a song about it. wanna hear it? here it goes:

1.  pdx power yoga just answered my north/ne baptiste yoga studio prayers. hallelu!
2.  seth & i lurved big’s chicken & then it burned down so 2 thumbs up 4 a beav reboot.
3.  fyi you can bring ur classy city folk friends to psychic bar w/o a pre-visit caveat sesh.
4.  wait shut up haptic lab now sells wearable quilt coats? in 3 gorge styles? mamma mia.
5.  “tumbling remixes & edits of the stones & like-minded cats.” – sample it now, vibe 2 it later.
6.  still gushing about this perf lil’ farmhouse 15min from my place. we have to go baaack.
7.  not sure how 2 cups of full fat coconut milk is virtuous, but hot damn i wanna try this.
8.  i’ve been talking up that tri-be-i-5 micro ‘hood for yrs. glad someone else was listening!
9.  seth & i stepped up our shared grocery list game & went all in on anylist. a+ upgrade.
10.  if there’s one festive holiday pop-up to attend this year, it’s hey holiday 12.8 + 12.9. k? k.
11.  osu is paying ppl $40 to eat burgers at their sensory lab fri 12.7. omg somebody do this.
12.  everyone’s all hotel hot on the hoxton, but i’ve got my $ on woodlark. u heard it here 1st.
13.  almost got 1 of these at rei, but my coupon expired and i totally chickened out. dangit!
14.  “you’ll understand why storms are named after people.” – f. scott fitzgerald

big’s sensory psychic lab.