vol 91.

hi hi.

this one goes out to all my homies who didn’t realize they’d be getting a nice in their inbox today but damn well needed one. love you like fam, fam. go on with your grand selves:

1.  my sister-in-law wrote an extraordinary piece on student debt & now i’m kvelling.
2.  why didn’t i know about big red machine sooner? bon iver x the national but 4 real.
3.  all my friends are super preg-o, but idgaf i wanna hang so here’s what i propose.
4.  “my son’s 1st pair of sneakers. my mom gave them 2 me in a lucite box.” – omg wtf
5.  in july, kachka unveiled a new löök, a sister spot, & a killer hh. really gettin’ after it.
6.  stupid arbitrary goal + 5 year diary are by the daughter of a nyc legend. a gotta read.
7.  “less a restaurant than a giant terrarium curated by coachella” – ok holiday. i see u.
8.  ppl hated this nyt feature, but i’m totally into the house. guess i’m part-o-le-problem?
9.  sue says ok omens is the winebar2watch & this chick caesar sitch def confirms that.
10.  i’d ♥ someone to make this brightened-up matzo ball soup for yom kippur hint hint.
11.  andrea tipped me off to in their closet & now my wardrobe is about to get jacked.
12.  “what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” – charles bukowski


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