vol 90.


so clearly the retrograde is real – shushy all my astro-deniers, i don’t wanna hear it. it’s been a real dum dum of a week (duh) so i, for one, am very excited to peace out tomorrow and go hid in a cave of self care for 48hrs. keep the faith, my friends. paul says it’s getting better all the time:

1.  the selby is in pdx & i haven’t fan girl’d this hard in yearsss. come see!
2.  seth attacked some major fridge org issues & now we’re f-ing stacked.
3.  i’m sorry, poler. did you say cozy stuff launch party fri 8.3? hot damn.
4.  i have ströng opinions re: house boats & real estate. ask me anything.
5.  h/t apartment therapy for the airstream round-up i didn’t know i needed.
6.  try & stop me from going to the henderson open house sun 8.5. i dare u.
7.  seth & i are shaking 4 fists at ikea for reviving this shit 8 months too late.
8.  i hate to admit it, but west elm’s public playlists are smart and delightful.
9.  anyone want to check out natural wine bar stunner bar norman with me?
10.  holy moly. the mcdonald’s monopoly scam long read is absolutely bonkers.
11.  both intrigued & terrified by the turbulence party fri 9.7. ahh be safe ppl!
12.  “she wasn’t doing a thing that i could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.” – j.d. salinger

ströng cozy stunners.