vol 89.


the sun is shining and i just wanna say it’s gonna be a great ass day. also, i love you guys. like, a ton. sry if that’s too much to hold onto rn. it’s just how i feel:

1.  after 5 years of standing by my ios7 default wallpaper, i’ve finally moved on.
2.  a new kure, quickfish, & mysterious fro-yo place 4 min from work? oh, i’m down.
3.  it still blows my mind that rhye is a man. see for yourself sun 7.29 at revolution hall.
4.  tigerpup just alerted me that the wing now has an online store. i have use for this.
5.  top 10 ‘hood montavilla is having a fair sun 7.29. i’ll take any excuse to visit maven.
6.  i just bought this shirt because the cut will forever and always be my go-to burn lol.
7.  gotten the most “oh you’re reading this?!” comments on this month’s book club pick.
8.  2 years late to this, but now i’m 100% confident an african safari honeymoon is a go.
9.  thx 2 hipcamp, i’ve slept in a luxe tipi & pitched my tent on an island for under $45.
10.  here’s hoping pink rabbit can finally break 232 nw 12th ave’s curse. i believe in u!
11.  are u watching halt & catch fire for the 1st time because i am & i need 2 discuss.
12.  “q: how do i become a confident, successful, powerful woman? a: stop asking for someone else’s opinion and take what’s yours.” – christine friar

ctrl alt default.