vol 88.

hi hi hi.

it’s been a totally normal and mostly appropriate week here in 72° & sunny portland. i understand though, b/c i listen to talk radio now, that things are suuuper grim out there so i drafted a thurs list to make it better. feel your feels, ppl:

1.  u don’t have to be a podcast person to <3 this. jvn & tan’s friendship is infinity.
2.  ignorning this is a paid post b/c all i want at my wedding is crying groomsmen.
3.  getting way more confident major league baseball will come to pdx in seth’s lifetime.
4.  even my neighbor w/ social anxiety is excited about the cathedral park jazz fest!
5.  molly & i evaluate vows weekly & good lord last week’s was incredible. 1001 gems.
6.  sun parkways green loop this sun 7.22 11-4pm be there or be a bum butt elsewhere.
7.  i had a dentist appt yesterday at 2:30 & honestly been giggling about it for hrs.
8.  my dearest ariana grande. please just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.
9.  avoided the news since 2017, but lately i’ve been doing opb in the am. it’s a start.
10.  oh hello kim + ono w/ the mad gorge silk & charmeuse botanical print kimonos.
11.  and sugarpine drive-in is officially open for biz! 1 choc dipped vanilla cone pls.
12.  “you are strong. you’re a kelly clarkson song. you got this.” – jvn

mad gorge bum.