vol 87.

hey there,

it’s been a while and i thought, “well shit let’s correct that.” this week has been p. heavy so here’s a sweet little thurs list to lighten da mood. man oh man i love you guys. big time.

1.  can’t stop listening to how does it feel by kamaiyah for reasons unbeknownst to me. enjoy!
2.  been thinking about how special lady hill winery is, right down to the goddamn parking lot.
3.  seth got me on le kinja deals. i don’t get how it’s also deadspin but w/e dat cosco deal tho.
4.  oh dang there’s a prairie underground sample sale this weekend. so down 4 that shizzzzz.
5.  read this nyt article on nxivm & just, like, oh my god. what a terribly weird time to be alive.
6.  finally hit up this yuppie rooftop bar & happy 2 report my hidden gem instincts r still v good.
7.  imma be outta town during sylvan esso’s fri 7.13 show. can i live vicariously through u pls?
8.  oooo there’s v good stuff opening up in the n mississippi pod. pdx little conejo outpost ftw!
9.  thanks to dmgaynor and ilthy, i have come to the conclusion that i am, in fact, a hat person.
10.  sugarpine drive-in opens in july & is a mere 30min drive from my house. sry not sry sether.
11.  dammit t editors, now i feel like i *have* to stock 2 kinds of brightland evoo in my pantry.
12.  “take the compliment. do not shy away from another thing that belongs to you.” – rupi kaur

extra virgin good stuff.