vol 99.

hi honeys!

i got 99 problems, but a list ain’t one. get it? cause it’s the 99th list. w/e don’t @ me. aaaaaanyway i hereby dedicate this one to true love & triple digits. xoxo:

1.  everything taffy touches turns 2 gold so it’s unclear why i still haven’t opened her book.
2.  been talking up this chic-ass tillamook river cabin to anyone who will listen. ya hear me?
3.  turns out my cousin emerson hosts the aclu’s at liberty podcast. count it: one proud marsh.
4.  replugging duniway’s home tour b/c i effed up the link last time & idk i luv me some h-tours.
5.  tbd if i have 2 travel 4 work. if not, you’ll find me at u/p’s give good gift pop-up sat 12.14.
6.  as a hoosier i never thought i’d say this, but daaaang indy. nyt 36hrs? you fancy now huh.
7.  ur killin’ me with this, design\milk. that gorge kalon plate set is more like 4x $50. c’mon guys.
8.  pls tell me i’m not the only one lusting after these stubbs & wootton woody loafers. lawdy.
9.  yes phoebe yaaaaaaaas. i mean srsly. how is this woman always so brilliant & sensational?
10.  “dion’s answer seemed 2 shoot straight from her soul like a rocket leaving this world.”
11.  technically voysey doesn’t open till 12.6, but word is our girl @danabobayna has l’hook up.
12.  mmhmm sure def agree with haley’s life hack, but mostly b/c it led me to this, this, & this.
13.  not even a lil embarrassed i take advantage of these free wallpaper dls. gotta keep it fresh.
14.  “once a little boy sent me a charming card with a little drawing on it. i loved it. i answer all my children’s letters — sometimes very hastily — but this one i lingered over. i sent him a card and i drew a picture of a wild thing on it. i wrote, ‘dear jim: i loved your card.’ then i got a letter back from his mother and she said, ‘jim loved your card so much he ate it.’ that to me was one of the highest compliments i’ve ever received. he didn’t care that it was an original maurice sendak drawing or anything. he saw it, he loved it, he ate it.” – maurice sendak

saw it loved it ate it.