vol 83.


i was just thinking about you and how much i wanted to say hello (hello!). been collecting a couple of things i thought you’d appreciate. here, for you:

1.  running my 1st race in may & hot on the wireless headphone hunt. these, these, or these?
2.  almost positive this tj meal hack would give me maaad heartburn, but dang it looks good.
3.  y’all know about russell crowe’s art of divorce auction w/ sotheby’s right? dibs on the rolex!
4.  “he’s fucking batman!” – so many gems in this oral history of last year’s best picture fiasco.
5.  seth recently outed himself as a tumblr hoarder. tbh webjunk and bad thesaurus hold up!
6.  if you’re itching for a creepy long read, nymag’s worst roommate ever really did it for me.
7.  oh, anyone looking to get their 2nd night of seder on — i hear you and i’ve got you covered.
8.  a teote mezcaleria on alberta? is this for real? like a dream i didn’t know i had come true.
9.  now trending: coming home, putting on pjs, and flopping on the chaise like an absolute unit.
10.  “that’s just some, like, natural earth bitch” – tlc having a baller reaction to their mean tweet.
11.  sry but a cbd menu add-on is super hilarious to me. weedle juice weedle juice weedle juice!
12.  “love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and we know we cannot live within.” – james baldwin

the art of fucking batman.