vol 84.

hi hey.

just checking in. you doing good? hanging in there? you don’t have to answer right away. got some sweet little things for ya no matter what the feels may be:

1.  idk why, but i suddenly can’t get enough of hell yeah. repeat repeat repeat send help pls.
2.  strongly considering becoming a hat person so i can rock redwolf’s grl pwr baseball hat.
3.  have u tried the thai rolled ice cream at 22 below? it looks hella duhlicious. i want some rn.
4.  seth’s nl-only keeper fantasy baseball league needs a warm body eod fri. call him maybe?
5.  niko’s drip glaze orb planter got me dreaming and scheming super unnecessary plant plans.
6.  big wins on max read’s fakewood mac playlist: sounds like fleetwood. not actually fleetwood.
7.  missed the inaugural flea last month, so getting my ass there this sun 3.25 come hell or w/e.
8.  there’s made-to-order beignets around the corner from my office now so bye 4ever i guess.
9.  u guys. don’t sleep on that harney & sons hot cinnamon sunset tea. next. level. spiiiiiiice.
10.  full-blown obsessed w/ a spanish hostage series seriously titled money heist b/c netflix.
11.  a middleditch & schwartz show in pdx is a big deal apparently? get ur tix 3.23 at 10am.
12.  “life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep.” ― fran lebowitz

mariah carey lyrics.