vol 82.

hello you’s!

been a minute. i hope these spruce up your inbox and make you feel nice:

1.  i’m a sucker 4 coffeeshop news so either/or expanding to williams is really making my day.
2.  seth & i are still hunting for giant statement art. time to switch gears to giant pool as art?
3.  pdx wine bars are having quite a moment rn. oh hiii arden, oui, and park avenue how u.
4.  if i ever visit vancouver (ca), definitely hitting up federal store 4 those f-ing gorgeous carbs.
5.  artist residence launched a schmancy pj collab & just like that i’m on back the luxe pj hunt.
6.  if u can resist a workshop titled intro to croissants pls do us all a favor & keep it to yourself.
7.  alto’s adventure is the only mobile game i’ve ever liked so i’m def excited about a sequel.
8.  i ♥ our bluetooth turntable & honestly can’t remember what chillin’ at home was like w/o it.
9.  smh the sun 2.25 pdx brunch festival starts @ 10am. brunch starts at 12pm! at the earliest!
10.  i adore ezra being my kooky camp friend as much as him being my kooky rockstar friend.
11.  kate convinced me to set my iphone text size to super small & everything feels new again.
12.  she also introduced me to witchsy and the most baller enamel pin i’ve ever seen sooo …
13.  “i want to be with you, it is as simple, and as complicated as that.” – charles bukowski

to the wknd go i.