vol 81.

oh hey friends.

y’all ready for some nice things to zhoosh up your thurs afternoon? oh ya? you are? well fabulous. found a whole set. i’ll just put ’em down here for ya:

1.  the 2.7 lekfit on demand bounce class dance choreography is giving me a shit ton of life rn.
2.  god bless amber for making sure seth & i hit up rosario’s in sa. that salsa oh my gawwwwd.
3.  toughest yoga teacher in portland? easy. alex kosinski. currently kicking butts here & here.
4.  ladies leave your man at home. drunk in love beyoncé vs. drake tribute at holocene fri 2.16.
5.  oh def hitting up the flea kickoff sun 2.25. nabbed a fab mexican blanket for $24 last year!
6.  hell yes 2 this list of “secret” e-stores. seth & i can 100% vouch 4 homies. ♥ our lumbar.
7.  ooOoo it’s my fav time of year again! oscar nominated animated shorts previewing time!
8.  awww u guyz providore fine foods turns 2 sat 2.10. what cutie patootie fresh & tutti fruities.
9.  still dreaming about the migas tacos from veracruz all natural. i can haz here? plz say yes.
10.  holy friggin moly. a spice girls reunion tour & a zara in pdx?? breathe, marshy. breathe.
11.  h/t hillockburn farm for the affordable bath salts & natural sponges. appreciate u guyz.
12.  still thinking about the baby driver soundtrack & its forward moving, get shit done feels.
13.  “when i look at my life i realize that the mistakes i have made, the things i really regret, were not errors of judgement but failures of feeling.” ― jeanette winterson

butt kicks & bath salts.