vol 80.

hello beautiful ppl.

marsh here with the weekday hot clicks n’ late afternoon treasure scrolls. kick back, relax — put your worries on a shelf for a few. got a little refresh just for you:

1.  gap body, doing the tribe a solid with the soft n’ comfy undies, miraculously, forever on sale.
2.  i don’t have pierced ears (i tried, i was 7, i failed) but sophie is really making me rethink that.
3.  for those of u who can get down w/ some bougie foodie dinner series shit, might i recco dis.
4.  really hoping they might be giants plays their tiny toons vids at crystal ballroom thurs 3.8.
5.  srsly where can i go dancing sat 1.20 that isn’t gross? just, like, some one off around town?
6.  brain is melting a lil realizing the rose city classic dog show is 5 days long. so. much. dawg.
7.  spotify’s serving me garden state-y content & now i wish i was on campus. any campus.
8.  the ladies of wk have spoken: our scent is no.04 bois de balincourt by maison louis marie.
9.  swooning 4 cold picnic’s take me back to formentera rugs & uhh many many other things.
10.  all y’all not watching the good place: plz get your shiz together & catch up. i have thoughts!
11.  “i think that one of these days you’re going to have to find out where you want to go. and then you’ve got to start going there.” – j.d. salinger

classic undie content.