vol 79.

hello lovelies!

back at it again, but this time around i’m gonna try to keep things short and sweet. no muss, no fuss just straight to the good stuff:

1.  if there was ever a quest that needed my attention, it’s the epic pdx pancake quest. send.
2.  psa don’t order a loosely blanket (they’re scamy scammers). these or these‘ll do u just right.
3.  my ♥ language is touch, but what can i say … these better than sex tweets really got to me.
4.  many feels re: 1st annual skyline tavern chili off sat 1.6. gonna need to put ’em somewhere.
5.  checked out urbanite over the break & holy moly they really got their shit together. want/all.
6.  am i the last to know about the stupid good chai tea lattes at insomnia coffee? i am? ah ok.
7.  break favs: big pink, reading at tea chai te, yvonne at löly, my new dentist, the drive home.
8.  in an effort to read 1 book a month, i joined a book club and skimmed thru roxane’s list. yay.
9.  seth told me i had to watch how fleetwood makes a song & – surprise – he was not wrong.
10.  dear god i nearly forgot about california diaries. daaang. the ’90s were really just magical.
11.  fyi not following the cincinnati zoo means missing major baby hippo web content ok?
12.  “each moment is a leap forwards from the brink of an invisible cliff, where time’s keen edges are constantly renewed. we lift our foot from the solid ground of all our life lived thus far, and take that perilous step out into the empty air. not because we can claim any particular courage, but because there is no other way.” – han kang

chill chill chili.