vol 78.

hi bb’s!

well it’s been a delightful lil week over here and i’ve got nothing to spread but hella good cheer (ohwassup hanukkah how u?). anyway, here’s what i’m thinking: eff all this paperwork. let’s just get right into it. ya? well okay then! happy hanukkah, y’all:

1.  i got joji a stonedware pipe for hanukkah (don’t worry she already got it) b/c ummm fashun?
2.  “you’re out of your element, trisha.” – 2017 hater’s guide to the williams sonoma catalogue.
3.  pls send quadratini’s. i’ve only seen them at world market & it’s 2 cold to walk over there.
4.  snagged this beauty from oak + fort in sf. where’d this magical store come from? bless ’em.
5.  bored? stressed? both? here. david’s countdown of the best films of 2017 will make it better.
6.  if you aren’t following the cincinnati zoo and #teamfiona pls stop what ur doing and fix that.
7.  “there’s also notes of the smell of nyc, which is a tiny bit of coffee & marijuana.” – yas wendy
8.  looking 4 a 15×15 boho pouf & my etsy stone cushion pitch isn’t getting any traction. wtf?
9.  whaddya doin’ the 7th night of hanukkah? feastly’s babka + challah class? coooool. me 2.
10.  man, i had no idea the portland drag ball scene was so fresh. love me a mercury scoop.
11.  blah blah blah jay-z’s at moda tonight w/e. everyone knows the real party’s at trio w/ lil jon!
12.  vast murders of crows are routinely swarming over downtown pdx. surely it means nothing.
13.  dang. kingsland looks tasty! & here i thought it was a douchey embassy suites joint. oops.
14.  a-trak is here fri 1.12! fyi i’ve played this 1000 times thx to an 11.29 lekfit class (sry seth).
15. “life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.” – sarah dessen

bff fashun piece.