vol 77.

hello beautiful ppl.

i haven’t sent a list in two months and it’s been driving me crazy. things are f-ing bananas around here and *technically* there isn’t time for anything extra right now, but i went ahead and wrote one of these anyway because (1) fuck it (2) there’s always time (3) did i already say fuck it? anyway, i hope that’s cool. sending y’all some extra joy and unconditional good times to get you through:

1.  heather made me an 90s grrrls playlist b/c she is a modern day mrs. fucking claus. ty!
2.  imma guarantee good times at the slow magic wonder ballroom show sat 12.2. truuust me.
3.  v. surprised it took me 31 years to get on board with white noise sleeping. g-bless rain rain.
4.  tomorrow is the ruff life dog art show and fundraiser at instrument. i repeat, tomorrow is …
5.  we’re all stressed af so i think it’d be best for everyone to check out these adorable floofs.
6.  sry seth ur gf is a sucker for xmas music. guessing this’ll get banned from our home soon.
7.  passion pit is in pdx thurs 1.25. vvv excellent news b/c manners is f-ing timeless. h/t 2009.
8.  i really hated the nyc night market bazaar scene, but it toooootally works in pdx. good fun!
9.  “enjoy a casual festive walk, with or without a dog.” – lights & leashes dog walk tue 12.5 ftw.
10.  i would kiiiiiiiiiiillllll to play hookey & hit up the duniway holiday home tour … *shakes fist*
11.  saw first hand at the flea last weekend how right alex was about mister sister. want/all.
12.  idk about u, but i can imagine every one of these egle zvirblyte prints hanging in kc’s apt.
13.  what’s a girl gotta do to get a decent extra chunky knitted blanket around here? srsly.
14.  saw the disaster artist. two thumbs up because it made me laugh and forget shitty things.
15.  “life is short and the world is at least half terrible, and for every kind stranger, there is one who would break you, though i keep this from my children. i am trying to sell them the world. any decent realtor, walking you through a real shithole, chirps on about good bones: this place could be beautiful, right? you could make this place beautiful.” – maggie smith

slow misters & magic sisters.