vol 76.

hello lovelies,

oooof. it’s been a helluva week. i’m thinking we skip all the bs and just go straight for the feel good stuff. yea? am i reading your mind? maybe skim this while getting a foot massage and a big bear hug from your no. 1 or something. idk whatever it takes to gets those chill weekend vibes flowin’:

1.  everyday is a winding road. i get a little bit closer … i get a little bit closer feeling fiiiiine.
2.  ty cb2 for delivering the 4th (and hopefully last) white round table for our b-fast nook.
3.  ricara sent me 2 nisolo & now my basement reno landscaping $$ is in jeopardy (sry seth).
4.  busy’s instagram has changed my life 4 the better so, uh, thx 4 noticing, fancy media.
5.  uo pro tip: call & say your 20% b-day coupon expired & u want a new one. 100% works.
6.  i asked jo if cupofrahman was named after cupofjo. she sighed, “no. it’s after cup of ramen.”
7.  if u need a good booty shake, fri 9.29 is snap! 90s dance party at holocene. cool is still cool.
8.  i now brace myself 4 impact whenever i check nytimes. helpful 2 blast treats while scrolling.
9.  heather introduced me 2 this classy af humidifier & now i’m pretty sure i can’t live w/o one.
10.  qq: where all my royal blue wing back velvet accent arm chairs at? can we sit on u pls?
11.  ooOOoo really feeling the nightwood! excited to dig into whatever these beauties cook up.
12.  the gluten free fair tasting & expo cover photo made me lol idk it’s the little things rn guyz.
13.  saw a free screening of battle of the sexes at cinema 21 on wed night. good n’ fulla starz.
14.  a chance to try indigenous cooking by chef baka? at han oak? on tue 10.3? oh hell yes.
15.  “it turns out i was right. but nothing has come of it.” ― wisława szymborska

new yorker mag & secret b-day snags.

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