vol 75.

hello friends.

i keep thinking about that greenzo episode of 30 rock where david schwimmer lodges a smiling cartoon earth prop into a stage light and it catches fire in front of a bunch of kids and everyone screams and liz lemon goes, “oh. oh boy. ok. this earth is ruined. we gotta get a new one.” that’s all. i hereby dedicate this week’s list to anyone who’s had enough:

1.  ok yes i know i don’t have a dog, but i bought this b/c there’s dogs at work and it’s hi-larious.
2.  seth introduced me to steve & busy’s new podcast we’re no doctors & – surprise – it’s fun!
3.  not to get all coupon clippy, but if you like free movie screenings follow @orscreenings ok?
4.  if you’ve ever bemoaned pdx’s contemporary art scene, stop & buy a tba:17 ticket right now.
5.  fast times at ridgemont high at laurelhurst theater until thurs 9.14. ty. the world is better 4 it.
6.  moving and decorating means i now know every goddamn advanced cl search in the book.
7.  time released an a+ feature on women who are changing the world and now i’m p. misty. oy.
8.  “go w/ like 6 people & order everything on the menu.” – kreher is a-ok on the waiting room
9.  h/t kimmy 4 recco-ing i am that on hawthorne. review: lame name, uhhhmazing collection.
10.  i can’t technically “afford” hd buttercup but iz nice to dream. blush pink snug chair! mmm.
11.  i just found out that you can borrow leaf blowers n’ shit from the ne tool library for freeeeee.
12.  gah in such a music rut rn. only good tunes in my queue are lebow’s jams & insecure s2.
13.  pls tell me it’s ok that a targeted lunya insta ad just convinced me to invest in real pajamas.
14.  vans interviewed 1 of my fav artists on their tumblr & seeing it made me feel nice & good.
15.  “everything heals. your body heals. your heart heals. the mind heals. wounds heal. your soul repairs itself. your happiness is always going to come back. bad times don’t last.” – christiana rutkowski

healing sprees & lotsa freebies.