vol 74.

hello beautiful ppl.

honestly, it’s been a real okay to lame-ish week. nothing super specific to write home about, just a little relieved this one’s over ya know? but. but! … there’s always a but … we’re in for a long ass weekend and my mom’s in town and there’s list-fulls of good stuff to turn it all around:

1.  y so hard 2 find pretty non-garbage review salt & pepper grinders that don’t cost $$$? hm?
2.  dammit studio mcgee opened an e-store & i’ve never felt more excited & basic in my lyfe.
3.  doing me with this sound series on loop for a few days. chill & let chill ya kno what i mean?
4.  keep meaning to check out the waiting room in nw. anyone been? looks so tasty n’ niiiice.
5.  did beg improv w/ kupp & i srsly miss her funnies. lez stand up fri 9.1 is what’s up. def go.
6.  hold up. hold my hand. hold my phone. courier sells og japanese shaved ice on saturdays!?
7.  seth & i realized we might be making janky v2 of this house. again, see basic concern #2.
8.  40 off-white looks inspired by princess di? paris fashion week cannot come soon enough.
9.  hony has a fb series, but one in 8 mill will always have my ♥. omg so old it ran on flash!
10.  the russell introduced me to superfront & it puts my go-to karlstad hack to shaaaaame.
11.  pdx paella fridayyyy? hosted by the crew behind my fav rosé? yes yes yes godbless yes.
12.  oh girl only 100 days? you uhhhh might wanna double or triple that. nbd just a suggestion.
13.  like a surprise party, i love a good corn maze, but it’s def gonna freak me the f*ck out.
14.  there’s a killer consignment shop w/ an a+ insta presence right behind my house. amen.
15.  “i guess it’s true what they say: if you wait long enough everything changes.” – junot díaz

8 mill & chill.