vol 73.

hello beautiful people!

ok so some of y’all know this and some of y’all don’t, but thurs list has been on semi-unofficial summer vacation for almost 2 months because of a big ole personal life event time suck: seth and i bought a house (!) in portland (!) and then had to pack up our apartments (!) and move into it and stuff (!). i gotta say, as exciting and fun and weird and ridiculous it’s been to go full-on homeowner, i desperately missed this and you and writing and researching and thurs listing so f-ing much and all i could think about was getting back to it and believe me when i tell you i would lament that to literally *anyone* who would listen (thank you all for listening). so, uhhh, i guess that’s it. nothing left to do but get back to it. well hot damn let’s do it to it then!

1.  traded $$$ classes for lekfit (s/o sweaty busy phillips) & now my butt + wallet are v stoked.
2.  “grizzly bear has never been afraid to expect something of their listener.” – word pma. word.
3.  oh shit frances may is hosting a men’s warehouse sale on sun 8.27. that’s 50-90% off boyz!
4.  bloody’s are my 1 exception to a no day drinking m.o. (sry i get sleepies!). sun 9.10 i see u.
5.  if this vans + peanuts collab isn’t a gr8 reason to eff up your brand loyalty, then idk what is.
6.  astrotwins or nah since ’08, but lately i’ve been feeling madame clairevoyant. girl’s good.
7.  gah there are so many a+ thangs on this list. roe! nimblefish! sammich! kachka 2.0! baboom.
8.  poll: where 2 vintage street fair this wknd … vancouver, hawthorne, rejuv, or oregon city?
9.  dear seth, can we plz taste test all of these smoothies before labor day wknd? thx honey!
10.  doggie clothing goods company bauhound makes me wanna squeeze a frenchie real bad.
11.  the indiana dunes was featured in next stop by nytimes travel and now i’m all verkelmpt.
12.  rx: if you appreciate brains and mad style, do yourself a fav and read alicia’s blog regularly.
13.  just want to say i think chauncey was totally robbed. a clear derp n’ winner! wtf mercury?
14.  4 anyone else hopped up on poison oak prednisone & being a big-o jerk to their s/o, here.
15.  “hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past.” — james joyce

toons & moons & sandy dunes.