vol 72.

hi lovelies.

i knowwwww. it’s been a while since one of these landed in your inbox. here’s the deal … sometimes i get overwhelmed by tons of stupid little things (or by one or two giant big important things) and even though i always regret it, i end up sacrificing a thurs list or two (or three). hopefully, no hard feels and maybe the absence made your hearts grow a lil’ fonder. no? not really? aww dang. i’m sorry. how about a new one to make it better? ya? that sound nice? ok then. just for you:

1.  i am wholly, totally, completely unsurprised that big’s chicken is #1 in the power rankings.
2.  late shake is a milkshake pop-up inside dapper & wise & my god i want one so f-ing badly.
3.  alaska launched 5 new flights from pdx and ooo eeep albuquerque is one of them. hi anna!
4.  well hot damn. now that’s what i call a friggin one-piece vol xxx. size 2 come 2 meeeeee pls.
5.  work puppy playing w/ a bone 3x its size so we put this on & now everything is illuminated.
6.  corgi walk in the pearl sat 8.19 aka the *most* woooooonderful time of the yeeeeeeeeeeear.
7.  this is what i mean when i say i wanna go camping. late ’17 can’t come soon enough.
8.  dang christopher david. back at it again with the big changes and everything must go sale.
9.  currently meditating on these titus andromedon quotes. have a nice life. “you know i don’t!”
10.  needed this app more than once tbh. 4 real. could watch those sample notifications all day.
11.  fyiiiiii lebow’s july playlist is officially out. wildly improving a commute or car ride near you.
12.  movie in george park featuring a league of their own? thurs 7.13? uh yspls. muuule! nag!
13.  i hereby dedicate this nytimes rollercoaster round up to seth (the water ride one is 4 me).
14.  radiolab turned 15? man. despite it all, beauty & art & wonderment always finds a way.
15.  “it’s a marvelous thing, the ocean. for some reason when two people sit together looking out at it, they stop caring whether they talk or stay silent. you never get tired of watching it. and no matter how rough the waves get, you’re never bothered by the noise the water makes by the commotion of the surface – it never seems too loud, or too wild.” – banana yoshimoto

non-stops & pop-ups.