vol 71.

hi hi hello.

i walked into work today feeling a little like the world was burning which was especially fun and dark because i was also listening to we can’t stop and drop it low via the summer rewind playlist spotify made for me (srsly what a spectacular algorithm). if anything though, the walk just reminded me why i started sending this thing. that despite the feels of the week, to keep writing, to remember what’s good, to bring joy to others, and to try my damnedest to have a life here. that’s how the light gets in:

1.  probably this informed me popsicle week is a thing & now i’m happier than i was 9 sec ago.
2.  also jamming out to their sweet summertime playlist so i guess u know who has my ♥ rn.
3.  thurs 6.8 is twin peaks night per the pickles and since i’ve seen 2 episodes i’m goinnnn ok?
4.  dear bernstein’s. u had me at old school, no bs bagels boiled twice daily. neverrrr change.
5.  if there’s anything i need right now, it’s a list of 20 free things to do in pdx this summer tyvm.
6.  a ghost town in connecticut is on sale for under $2m & it’s only 2.5 hrs from nyc. just sayin’.
7.  i see u l’angolo estate with the new tasting room and classy a$$ good vibes n’ natural light.
8.  oh sweet & heavenly lord please let jagged little pill the musical be so good it hurts a little.
9.  huge thank you to the nice high fashion folks who championed the big one-piece comeback.
10.  ever wonder, “hmm i wonder how amy’s brain works”? pls see this winnie the pooh gif set.
11.  not that there’s a dearth of good coffee here, but still. pretty dang excited to try proud mary.
12.  in case ur wondering, the w+k gay club pride party is where it’s at. fri 6.16. clear ur cal.
13.  here’s what i’m thinking: gather the troops & get super rowdy at overboard’s 30th. be a yes!
14.  def down for a wed 6.28 silent reading party, but ftr i’ll prob be on my phone re-reading this.
15.  “there is a light in this world. a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. we sometime lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” – richard attenborough

ghost towns & comeback crowns.