vol 70.

oh hi lovelies.

had my head in the clouds all week so i’m not positive i actually earned a long weekend, but imma just exercise forgiveness and let the extra hours wash over me and work their bonus magic into my collective soul and state of juju. oh yea? you too? well great! here’s a good thing starter set then:

1.  lotta covers in my last discover weekly. s’all good. i’m just an animal dancing on my own.
2.  hit up tough luck last fri & i’m thrilled to report it’s a shining star of a bar. go! see 4 yourself!
3.  met niko at crafty wonderland & now i can’t imagine a life w/o her bud vases & orb planters.
4.  am i the last 1 discover mitski & the perfection that is her american girl video? i am? ah ok.
5.  oh, in case you’re unsure what to eat next, here’s 31 restaurants every portlander must try.
6.  if there’s ever a reason to fix up my bike, it’s a wed 6.14 empire records bike in movie night.
7.  welllllll sinead oooh’rebellion. shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior.
8.  the man behind discover weekly is moving to instagram and i have quite a few thoughts.
9.  if chauncey doesn’t win king of the waddle, look out for one helluva strongly worded letter.
10.  ooOOOoo guyzzz kainos has a secret menu! dang. really starting to warm up on roseway.
11.  igwt just opened up on williams & i wrongly guessed their $18 matte sunnies were $150.
12.  hi. tap tap. is this thing on? good. just making sure seth knows i’ll always be right about this.
13.  negroni week negroni week negroni week june 5-11 negroni week negroni weeeeeeeeeek.
14.  yo, speaking of signature cocktails, sagittarius straight up stole my drink. what the butt?
15.  portland now has the #1 burger in america so umm i guess that’s it? we all go home now?
16.  h/t justine 4 the a+ style unlock. keep ur enemies close & ur fashionable canadians closer.
17.  “expect nothing; live frugally on surprise” – alice walker

waddle kings & girls who sing.