vol 67.


well shit. it’s been a minute. tldr blah blah blah the work comes first i went on production things got cray yada yada yada i’m back and holy dagnabbit i missed this. i missed us. i’m not crying. you’re crying. okay srsly tho. enough blubbering. there’s good stuff ahead. doing it. doing the damn thing:

1.  artsy fartsy pro tip from joanna aka best ever. eric kenney is showing at gallery 135. wheee!
2.  speaking of artsy farts, my friend zan & her kickass apt are on passerbuys. what. a. woman.
3.  ansel just told me about stacked sandwiches in se. who else been? you? ya? iz itz güd?
4.  just returned from deep oregon and holy f*ck. go to florence and ride with these brahs.
5.  getting some good feels about a-wol’s art in the dark annual performance. this aug. u goin?
6.  been wanting to hit up *the* spelling bee for 2 years. mental note: mon 4.17 (and monthly).
7.  no guyz but seeeeeeeriously almost positive this was my boy eddye borgese. lolololololol.
8.  the savage lovecast is doing a live taping fri 4.14 & everything is awesome & sexy again.
9.  if epic 90s oscar sweeps r ur thang, this cast should float your boat. get it? boat. tee hee.
10.  saw a fav cd at p’s & q’s. i was there thx 2 yelp, him thx 2 legit opines. w/e get the brisket!
11.  in case i haven’t said it lately, go 2 quaintrelle and order 1 of everything. you’re welcome.
12.  this aaaaaaalmost makes me wanna cave and get a cable subscription like a real norm-bo.
13.  bill nye on what he can’t travel without is super adorbs. a scarf will buy you 15° fahrenheit!
14.  been looking for a good pdx non-profit to get involved with. thinking s1 might just be the1.
15.  “i wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. i wanted excitement and danger, and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. i felt a superabundance of energy in myself which found no outlet in our quiet life.” – leo tolstoy

damn thing been done.