vol 49.

yo yo yo.

been listening to uhhhlot of top 40 lately. maybe something to do with a waning attention span and a constant, burning desire to gtfo and fucking daaaance. while i uhhhh get that checked out, y’all check these out:

1.  fell down an envy k-hole yesterday b/c a kid on the max was styling this while holding this.
2.  such anniversary salez → heart freebies (today!) + 20% off red sail (fri/sat). shop till u drop.
3.  h/t seth 4 sharing this v. important piece of investigative journalism. miss those ads, man.
4.  this clip of america’s dad roasting his teens’ texting habits 4eveaa. that selfie mime? gold.
5.  thanks to josh’s recco, seeing jenn wasner’s side hustle flock of dimes at doug fir tonight.
6.  oh ww, you had me at knockout cioppino. moving jacqueline to the top of the pdx to do list.
7.  we interrupt this list to show you an important pic of shia labeouf’s dog having a good time.
8.  +1 feelin’ that winter chill (my room is cold af). putting this lil’ pocket guide in my … pocket.
9.  “sir elton john interviews one of his favorite new musicians” should be every headline okay.
10.  goodtimes ahead friday. library book sale aaand park ave wines party. get lit. get it? heh.
11.  i once dated a guy who reeeeeally liked talking about emergent behavior. lalalala that’s all.
12.  holiday dog johns holiday dog johns holiday dog johns this is not a test holiday dog johns.
13.  went to movie quiz last month – delightful! halloween edition is def where it’s at mon 10.24.
14.  total sucker for spooky cemetery tours. praying untimely departures is big kids only. ooof.
15.  “everything passes. everything changes. just do what you think you should do.” – bob dylan

grey poupons & dog johns.