vol 48.

hello beautiful people.

this week was fine fine fine ft. lots of little things coming together. that wtf is this actually gonna be continuum between chaos and shape, the space between no thing and the thing. but enough esoteric shit. there’s real stuff to discuss!

1.  i don’t remember why i followed chris’ tumblr, but sometimes i’m like, “aww thank you.
2.  if there was ever a time to start collecting paper goods, it’s right this f-ing sec. srsly. get it.
3.  bto! how was jolielaide? as harmonious & ambitious & beautifully restrained as they say?
4.  remove “affordable,” & i’m in. nice to have alts beyond west ikea elm, even if just 4 inspo.
5.  rosie wrote a poem re: her ivanka run-in that made me feel things. also, “wasssup men?”
6.  as y’all as my witness, i’m gonna own this voutsa lip wallpaper one day so help me gawd.
7.  umm red alert → george costanza is performing at arlene schnitzer this weekend!! jerry!!
8.  ooOOOoo lost boys live! returns fri 10.14. my recco? go see it before it’s gone. foreverrrr.
9.  and the winner for worst name, best line-up in a radio sponsored event goes to: boo bomb!
10.  oh shit i thought this was just gonna be a teaser. it’s the whole freaking special. rip 2003.
11.  maje clyde common s/o in this nytimes 11 drinks @ 11 cocktail bars article. dream team!
12.  watching westworld & eagerly awaiting black mirror s3 b/c apparently i just discovered tv.
13.  v. unique weather chatter: it’s raining in pdx. direct flights 2 mexican paradise, anyone?
14.  formally thanking zovig for fire under water. repeat one like i’ve never repeat one’d before.
15.  “the whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.” – david lynch

dream teams & vacation schemes.