vol 47.


well, this was fun. you know. just, like, doing the damn thing for a week or so. into it. super into it. let’s do it all over again soon. definitely! ya! definitely. until we meet again … here’s some sweet nothings to get ya to tomorrow:

1.  this texas a&m brah did a funny thing with his iphone lockscreen. u go glen coco. u go.
2.  omg nymag sex diaries still exists? this baby got me through 3 yrs of paralegal “admin time.”
3.  lindsey daylights as a boss & moonlights as the host of a baller science show for kiddos.
4.  obvs this event needs no add’l hype, but, like, where y’all finding these giant pumpkins at?
5.  is it better to have loved and lost a podcast than never to have loved a podcast at all? sigh.
6.  damn super professional. back at it again with the white vans and doggie dating apps. ♥
7.  guyz guyz guyz. thurs 10.13 is momoland. momoland! can you believe it? i can’t believe it.
8.  and and and. it’s also haunted haus of edwards ft. alyssa edwards. hell yas! *tongue pop*
9.  carly kindly informed me that some very culty ramen is opening up in southeast. funtimes!
10.  gah. must be on some sort of frank o remix trip cause now jg’s white ferrari got me rollin’.
11.  hot dog buns & wafers & tiny jello molds. some things are just asking to be destroyed.
12.  suffered a sm. chemical burn refusing to admit i have sensitive skin. fine. stocking up now.
13.  ugh miss them already. a sadder goodbye than that one summer i did all 8 weeks at camp.
14.  um ya. basilisk makes the best fried chicken sandwich in pdx & i don’t care who knows it.
15.  “real love is responsibility, compromise, selflessness, being present, and all that shit. fake love is magic, excitement, false hope, infatuation, and getting high off the potential that another person is going to save you from yourself.” – melissa broder

science shows & jello molds.