vol 46.

hi there!

it’s thursday (surprise!) and you’re absolutely delightful (seriously!) and you deserve nice things (see below!). feeling like it’s one of those c’mon dude can we just get to the good stuff kinda end-o-weeks so no more dilly-dallying. i brought enough for the class:

1.  letting this dvsn remix of frank ocean’s godspeed console me like a chenille throw. glory.
2.  bar casa vale’s friends & family preview was last night & hubba hubba da place looks ace.
3.  versace s/s 2017 won the retro sportswar w/ naomi, but am i seeing things? is she trippin’?
4.  oy! hella a+ things on friday. the get downhis girl fridaylez stand upjuggling fest?!
5.  big ups to han oak for topping pdx power rankings. meta paring → parts unknown s1e2.
6.  this am spotify recco’d their women of indie playlist so i went for it. oh happy customer.
7.  i’m so close to buying yogatoes. could really use a hurts so good out of body stretch rn tbh.
8.  vietnamese drinking snacks? from the owner of fish sauce? on the eastside? uhh doiiiiii.
9.  i used to see maya working the room at jack’s wife freda all the time. fuck. ing. flaw. less.
10.  gah justine has the best best best best taste ever ever ever ever. i’d trust her with ma lyfe.
11.  obvs this st. bernand is me, but also each & every 1 of us. together as 1. forever united.
12.  watched chet faker’s gold video late last night … g-bless those floral cut offs. amen girl.
13.  confession: i tried a pound® class at firelight and ♥’d every goddamn awkward min of it.
14.  not unlike my boyfriend, we’re all just figuring it out, staying true, doing the best we can.
15.  “you will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again. and i will wait for you.” – fyodor dostoyevsky

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