vol 50.

hi hi hello!

my mom (aka sue aka suzie q aka mrs. marsh aka not like a regular mom aka cool mom) lands in pdx for her first ever visit to the rose city in t-minus 60 min so pls hold all my calls and take good care of each other. while we peace out and see/do all the things, here’s a fresh list to get u ppl goinggggg:

1.  my hometown shelter has the best web 1.0 internet presence ever. where my dog ppl at?
2.  thanks to a rekindled ♥ via this playlist, i would deffff go see blitzen trapper on sat 10.29.
3.  classic rock n’ roll riffs n’ hooks not yo thing? whattabout a bollywood thriller dance party?
4.  a v. special work colleague has zero internet presence, but loves a good pie. this is for him.
5.  speaking of work, ohai top companies wnw creatives would kill to work for full-time. how u?
6.  g-bless dog milk for bringing mrs. flans into my life. singles & readys to mingle? swooooon.
7.  this typographic tribute to our national parks is l’url i didn’t know i needed. to zion goes i.
8.  noun is hosting a 1st thurs letter writing night. u, me, & a healthy dose of twee. starts 11.3!
9.  justine found the perfect red lipstick and now everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.
10.  how am i only now discovering that clooney owns a basset?! c’mon ppl. communication.
11.  flawless drag queen bingo benefitting one tail at a time is everything i lurve all in 1 place.
12.  hella down for a smartly curated super deep sale. 90% off pigeon toe + alter sat 11.5 boiii.
13.  yo yo remember when lada gaga was glam af futurepop batshit cray? ch-ch-ch-changes.
14.  ho-boy. spyce is hosting a haunted strip club time machine. 2 words … shining bartender.
15.  “facing it – always facing it – that’s the way to get through.” – joseph conrad

mrs. marsh-flans & basset-clooney.