vol 45.


yo yo yo.

well. this has been a funny little week now hasn’t it? oh wait. no? pretty a-typical? not particularly funny? roger that. see #12 maybe. or better yet … see ’em all. this a damn thurs. list’s ready. come and get it!

1.  can’t stop won’t stop playing javier dunn’s animal cover. pairs pretty damn nicely w/ the og.
2.  well if this isn’t an f-ing gorgeous soon to be baked by leslie waara cake, then i-seriously-dk.
3.  ugh me too me too me too me too me too me too me too gah can we go around these ppl?
4.  of these 7 hotels, dewberry’s got my ♥ (ain’t nobody got time for $1770 a night st. regis).
5.  hitting up spare room’s monthly party the get down on fri 9.30. all welcome. legit-ness tbd.
6.  i’m a sucker for anything “chefs’ favorite” so this eater map is particularly pleasing to me.
7.  on a big honeycrisp kick the past few weeks. should prob just go pick my own this wknd.
8.  woah! paydirt’s been open for a year? extra credit: long read on zipper dev k. cavenaugh.
9.  in case anyone was wondering, i paused animal for a sec to rock out to capsize. kthxbyeee.
10.  oh, the special issue that ft’d cavenaugh also incl. this excellent essay on pdx’s future.
11.  luxe sale time! something practical pretty, something regular pretty (equal parts swoon).
12.  that one time my bf pulled a hilarious stunt to surprise me … & then it went viral. hi mom!
13.  “on oct 3rd he asked me what day it was.” – so u agree? mean girls viewing on mon 10.3?
14.  my friend julia’s challah just scored a bon appétit greatest recipe of all time. mazel, girl!
15.  “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – f. scott fitzgerald

challah back.

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