vol 44.

oh hey hello!

had a real nice week over here. simple. stuff happened. emails were sent. text were answered. days came and went. a whole bunch of new things to be happy and excited about. particularly …

1.  francis and the lights is really blowing up my music rut rn. friends & see her out. ♥♥♥.
2.  if i’m, like, 1/16th as cool as this high schooler when i grow up, holy hell yes plz & thank u.
3.  heading to a wedding in santa monica this weekend so cup of jo really did me a solid. hello!
4.  only sucky part = gonna miss the pdx collective sale, adult swim drive-in, & zed’s pop up.
5.  on a garden bar child’s size kick b/c it’s a steal / excellent vessel 4 duhlicious bagel chips.
6.  miss critical mascara last weekend? ack! dang! good news tho: sharon needles at dante’s!
7.  i’m no runner, but omg per the little bit i’ve learned (aaand loved) about them … ooof terrible!
8.  so many things 2 adore about h&m’s autumn 2016 vid. #1 for me? comments. are. disabled.
9.  what? a heavyweight art show featuring warhol and steve mcqueen? here? in portland? stfu.
10.  thanks to jay’s surly non-rave-y guide to overlook, i reeeally want to hit up grandpa’s cafe.
11.  feels a little “ahh stop mom you’re embarassing us” that the miramonti is on trip advisor.
12.  dog magazine dog magazine dog magazine dog magazine doggggg maaaaaaaaagazine.
13.  v. useful post on sport bras but also fuck yea bethany lyons truth slaying da yoga ones.
14.  dear billy, your upper east side living room is all of the fabulousness ever. never change.
15.  “and she tried to breathe.” – alison mcghee

you, me, & some pierogis.

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