vol 43.

hello beautiful ppl.

not quite sure how we made it to thurs, but goddammit i’ll take it. there’s plenty of good stuff on the internet (to be actualized with friends n’ family n’ lovers irl okayyyyy), so imma just get right to it. cool? cool:

1.  def hitting up solabee for a “stop looking at that router & look at me instead maybe?” plant.
2.  stupid happy w/ the reclaimed wood shelves patrick whipped up. bowls on bowls on bowls.
3.  it is overly pleasing to me that the cut insists on referring to adam brody as seth cohen.
4.  2-story karaoke bar to open on ne broadway which seems so strange / silly it just may work.
5.  oh hell yes i would one hundred one hundred one hundred percent watch this reality show.
6.  s/o to naomi for the sale fyi. jane’s vanity on fri 9.9 + a big ass warehouse sale on sat 9.10.
7.  tba:15 was a game changer 4 me. blown away it’s already tba:16. delightfully overwhelmed.
8.  holy shit who’s coming to the critical mascara: a post-realness drag extravaganza w/ me?
9.  i can’t explain adamriff™ except that sometimes it just, like, speaks to me. por ejemplo. idk.
10.  what do you think kathy bates is doing right now? maybe the same thing as shelley long?
11.  wanna know what’s good in pdx food w/o liking 1001 fb pages? np. follow natalia + maya.
12.  pb discontinued the only oil diffuser scent i’ve ever liked and now i’m v. concerned. halp?
13.  ugh i loved this book and now i wanna read it all over again. good thing print isn’t dead!
14.  this played by jamie xx spotify playlist is 15+ hours of lots of things i really needed rn.
15.  “it is a thousand pities never to say what one feels.” – virginia woolf

love & post-realness drag extravaganzas.