vol 27.

hey you’s. you’s who kick all the ass there is to kick. i like how you do. i like how we do. here’s a little of this and a whole lot of that to get you through:

1.  the table i’ve been lusting after since xmas is on sale. i don’t think i’m ready for this jelly.
2.  holy moly that’s a lot of unclaimed loose change. like, salaries worth. lol at pago pago tho.
3.  i support the sheets, backpack, and portable charger portion of nymag’s strategist fyiiiiiiiii.
4.  well lookee here … st. johns is throwing it’s 10th annual bizarre this sat 5.14. what a ‘hood!
5.  willamette week released a 2016 bar guide so from my liver to yours: sorry (i ain’t sorry).
6.  i might be going to minneapolis in june and july so vvv thankful for this cup of jo city guide.
7.  j. lo’s song ain’t your momma is … umm … not great, but dang the vid couture is on point.
8.  if maven collective taught me anything, it’s that the 5.15 montavilla flea will be a must see.
9.  dark, bright, dirty, flirty, fabulous, and just wanna dance? same. c u at holocene on sat 6.4.
10.  my fav insta dawgs directed tegan & sarah’s new video. what an incredible time 2 b alive.
11.  if the idea of an ice cream seuss off doesn’t get you lit from the inside out, then oh man idk.
12.  bless basilsk cause i’ve been craving a monstrous chicken sandwich for 2 damn weeks.
13.  the met gala was a thematic wtf, but then cass camped out in the ladies and poof … fab.
14.  “there is always some madness in love. but there is also always some reason in madness.” – nietzsche