vol 26.

another thurs in, another list out. feelin’ preeeeeeetty good about all the things (man o man vitamin d does the mind body good, yah?). call me crazy, but i’m thinking we skip all that fluffy surface small talk shit and just f-ing go for it. yea? ok cool. glad that’s settled:

1.  spotted elijah wood at kure, but my sandal strap keeps sliding off so, like, call it a wash?
2.  josh is an old buddy of mine so if anyone needs a fact check, yes, he is actually that nice.
3.  i will be listening to just like me by betty who for the next 48-72hrs so please bear with me.
4.  next time anyone above drinking age mentions tumblr, make sure they’ve read this article.
5.  no plans sat 5.7? got u. go see back to the future live w/ maestro kitsopoulos at the helm.
6.  local natives is one of my fav bands but they’ve been mia since 2013. that is … until now.
7.  i’m not a huge fan of face swap (feels akin to other ppls babies) but this one … dayum.
8.  sorta feel like i should stop making lists now that this one is up and at ’em. only sorta tho :)
9.  olsen twins hiding from the paparazzi is now closed so if you went pls find n’ regale me.
10.  viceroy is dj-ing euphoria thurs 5.19. stoked b/c his epic remix playlist is an old love.
11.  hitting up first thurs 2nite and unimpressed there isn’t a comprehensive map. amiwrong?
12.  any word on shalom y’all? srsly if this isn’t the catch-all for my pnw jew woes, then idk.
13.  paul simon concert!? yspls but like circa 1970 somewhere lovely and warm and peaceful.
14.  “in a world full of temporary things you are a perpetual feeling.” – sanober khan