vol 25.

i’ve been seriously non-functional zombie-esque all week for no good reason whatsoever. hedging major bets next week will be infinitely better. until then, how about we just relax and click and forgive ourselves a lil’ bit?

1.  it’s rumours on coffee shop blast season so obviously love love loving these bomb remixes.
2.  bummed it took me 29 yrs of inner thigh summer rubbing to discover this magical little stick.
3.  went on a diffuser rampage. settled on pb’s, but really wish i had known about alder & co.’s.
4.  baptiste yoga was my jam in nyc so you can bet your bendy butt imma try melinda’s class.
5.  the garden behind pizza jerk will soon be home to a sweet weekly backyard pop-up. whew.
6.  thx to web queen shannon hutchinson, i’ve been attending this emoji party all damn day.
7.  holy shit classpass now costs $200/mo in nyc like how are they even allowed to do that?
8.  okay camp kidz now let’s get in formation. camp nostalgia is a real thing and we’re going.
9.  anyone else read moment junkie? i’m not a “wedding person” but it’s def a guilty follow.
10.  “she’s not the hero we deserve, but she’s the hero we need.” – re: the kiss cam pizza star
11.  fully loved beg improv w/ nicholas. confirming his sat 4.30 show is gonna be f-ing ace.
12.  just making sure everyone knows annie leibovitz photographed the queen and her corgis.
13.  been listening to lemonade non stop because duh obvs. lemme know if you need a login.
14.  “do anything, but let it produce joy. do anything, but let it yield ecstasy.” – henry miller

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