vol 28.


sending this one later than usual, so i’m imagining you’re now wearing your comfy evening clothes and have settled in for a calm, quiet, lovely little thurs evening. maybe an adult beverage in hand? ok ok idk it was just a maybe … anywho … whilst you sit n’ sip (ack ok or not!), here’s some things to consider:

1.  been thinking a lot about album openers. jo’s longstanding fav is over my dead body. you?
2.  “their lives, in the long, warm nights, go on regardless.” – fuck it, portrait of uganda nightlife.
3.  surprised at the # of big box hotel giants opening up. the chamberlain looks promising tho.
4.  ooOOOoo a round-up of vvv intriguing us islands! a+ cause mackinac is my freaking jam.
5.  the deluxe’s 19th hole returns on fri 5.27. let the boozy mini golf and umami goodtimes roll.
6.  who doesn’t ♥ a good modern day hanson video? big moment for taylor at 1:30. mmm[bop].
7.  comedy bang bang’s live podcast taping is tue 5.24. turns out ppl are vvv psyched for this!
8.  any word on roi friday? the first one is fri 5.27 on se 2nd btw taylor & yamhill. i’m intrigued …
9.  reese’s pieces were my mall movie marathon candy of choice, so this news is pleasing 2 me.
10.  also re: pleasing foodie news, ya hala serves brunch now. za’atar croissant? duh ok yes.
11.  this feels a lot like all those free ipod scams from 10-12ish years ago. i mean … good luck?
12.  heard about lost lander at mississippi studios b/c matt was in my improv class. portland!
13.  anyone wanna roadtrip to vegas to see 30ft dayglow totems? anyone? anyone? bueller?
14.  “you’re on earth. there’s no cure for that.” – samuel beckett

peace n’ hotel sex,