vol 22.

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man oh man it’s been a weird and rough couple of weeks. everything was turned up to 11 and i didn’t have any time/space to stop and breathe and think, only react. super gross. seriously not my jam. not long term anyhow. bright side is i can totally see the light. like, literal light. literal bright side. full sun. 60° and rising. how about we celebrate with a nice fresh list? ja? jaaaaa.

1.  please dear lord let everything the nytimes said about suttle lodge & boathouse be true.
2.  guess i’m not the only one still waiting on their oregon tax return. deep comment lolz ahead.
3.  to cry, apologize, and take things personally w/o repercussion or judgment. all of this please.
4.  “garbage person” just taught me that internet linguist is an actual job. such jel. much wtf.
5.  vvv promising vibes for tryst on ankeny alley + bible club in sellwood. salud, adventuresses.
6.  sometimes the new yorker just freaking nails it, ya know? that first two star review. dying.
7.  you’re free 4.18 to 4.24 right? ok good cause it’s pdx pizza week and i already said we’d go.
8.  i plan to recreate the sorry video at founder’s day tmrw. u too? cool. let’s coordinate outfits.
9.  i’ll bet good $$$ kindah khalidy is a hella whimsical soul with salt & pepper art teacher hair.
10.  oo! willamette week’s 2016 cheap eats edition is out. maje sorries if you’re reading hungry.
11.  erdem’s crazy fingers are creating a drum line that should totallllly not be possible solo.
12.  dayum tina. way to effing slay the framing / situ of @creaturecomforts’ plumage print.
13.  ok. just to be suuuuuuuuper clear, lord huron will be in town on sat 8.20 … at the zoo.
14.  gucci is such a sexy beautiful weirdo rn. ugh to be wild n’ free n’ rock big a$$ lip earrings.
15.  “please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough. and i will believe the same about you.” – stephen chobsky