vol 23.

there are some suuuuuuper good vibes roaming round these halls today. can’t think of anything i’d rather do than soak it up and get right to it:

1.  i’ve fallen down an ultimate rihanna lookbook hole and now i don’t care to get up. goodday.
2.  these make my ♥ swell with dreams of disposable incomes & hobbies that stimulate my mind.
3.  relistening to midnight moon by waterstrider thx to discover wkly. damn, kid. lookin’ good.
4.  nytimes be all like,aaaaand you get a yacht! and you get a yacht! and you get a yacht!”
5.  based on 3:36, 8:54, 9:36, 12:27, j. lo and i reeeally need to party. tonight boo boo. club-wise.
6.  pdx’s best peruvian lunch is in sw and w/n walking distance of the aerial tram. dayyy date!
7.  the only thing better than @travelgov’s blatant neg is the cut mansplaining it out for them.
8.  got a copy of boy club magazine in the mail on mon and it is divine. worth every darn penny.
9.  y’all clear on beyonce’s new athleisure line? good cause damn. b’s team srsly gets digital.
10.  getting thru the week like … as wk diva whisperer carolyn d. would say, “struggle. bus.”
11.  prince coffee opened up in north portland last sat! vvv excited because stroopwafels.
12.  guyz. everything shawn huckins touches is trill n beautiful n hilarious n nthing is real.
13.  broder is opening up in hood river and thank god b/c i cannot eat anymore bs pizza.
14.  wait. hold up. there’s a big gay boat ride on sun jun 19? that is just, like, all the things.
15.  “you remember what is lost, and you forget what’s right in front of you.” – ann brashares