slightly frightening giveaway.

Monsters Mirror. Nicola Rowlands
Guess what, kids?  I’ve got presents!  Well, actually, Nicola Rowlands and I have one present that we’re so excited to give away it’s almost spooky, scary.  For serious though, listen up, cause I’m a big big fan of this lady.  I found her through my internet wanderings and developed quite a crush when I realized her arts and farts and crafts were funtimes tenfold.  Since her Monsters Mirror is my favorite item in her shop and Halloween is just around the riverbend (beyond the shore, somewhere past the sea), if you visit her Envelop and/or Supermarket shop and comment on this post with your favorite item, you will automatically be entered to win a Monsters Mirror of your own!   I’m thinking one of these babies will be more than necessary when doing bruisey, bloody touch-ups later this month . . .
So how do I win that spookycool Monsters Mirror again?

1. ...Visit Nicola Rowlands’ Envelop and/or Supermarket shop.
2. ..Comment on this post with your favorite item.
3. ..Check back on Wednesday, October 13 to see if you won.

PS – Comments will close on Tuesday, October 12 at 5pm EST.


  1. i looove the beady eyed cat cushion, i am so much more of a dog person, but i am always attracted to the opposite of what i should be, so this creepy looking, beautifully illustrated cat cushion is the most gorgeous thing i’ve seen!
    if i had spare cash, would buy it in a second, but alas, i am broke :( can guarantee it is going on my christmas list though :)

    love nicola rowlands, she rocks!

    i retweeted this btw (@1kleinemaus)

    much love xxx

  2. ZOMG it’s like you’re the pioneer woman, but with crafts and cool non-food stuff. My answer is: anything on those sites that has to do with BABIES!

  3. ahhh A GIVEAWAY! You’re in the big time now, baby!! I LOVE THE BANTAM BELL PILLOW COVER! love love love love love love love love. excuse the caps. -rachel

  4. it’s a tie between the bird is the word!
    and orioles at lunch.
    at this point in my life, i have more use for pillows,
    but orioles at lunch is an amazing title and i can’t wait to have an apartment where cloth napkins make sense.

  5. i like the geoff card with the white bunny on because it reminds me of the dead frozen bunny that me and ellie saw with a piece of sweetcorn stuck to it’s foot.
    it was a good day for firsts :)

  6. I’m a big fan of the beards.I’d like them on a tshirt methinks or a nice big print.

    see ya

  7. Definitely the fox mirror – love it!!! (N.B. this is a non-gratuitous use of multiple exclamation points)

  8. I love cats… i had 2 and now i have 3 since purchasing my “Beady eyed cat tote” tote bag!!!
    I carry it around with me everywhere… To the office, to the shops – everybody loves my “Beady eyed cat tote” tote bag!!!

    Cool design and excellent quality!!!

    Great range of products – defo gonna buy more!!!

    But where are my ‘Blue’ business cards?!?!?!

    Keep up the good work NCR!!!

  9. amazingly smooky! the creative take on the Halloween icons is amazing, great work! I think everyone should buy them and give them away to the kidlets.

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