discretion is a must.

Missed Connections M4W. New York, NY

One time I was on a date with a guy who asked me to tell him something really embarrassing about myself.  I think what I ended up admitting was pretty outrageous because he didn’t actually believe me (it was true!) and now looking back, I probably should have gone with a tamer reveal like the fact I check missed connections daily. Also mildly embarrassing – I came very close to responding to this:

I want a woman who will scratch my head – m4w – 29 (Manhattan)
That’s it. Seriously… I am happily married but my wife has this thing where running her fingers through my hair and scratching my head is like fingers on a chalkboard for her. So I am seeking a woman to fulfill this simple yet intimate pleasure I desire. I can return the favor with a killer massage or just some good company/conversation. I am smart, handsome, with an interesting job in the entertainment field. I am not interested in a relationship or even sex. I know this sounds a little crazy… but hit me with an email/pic if you’re interested. Discretion is a MUST.
Thanks, WA