like more than a friend.

Joseph Leonard. hello foto

I just got my 2nd missed connection in 2 years.
He says, we made eye contact and exchanged hellos.
I say, he hastily undressed me with his old man eyes
and then forced his hello upon me without my consent.
Dude, I am a 24 year old laaaayday.
I sit at the bar cause I like BARTENDERS.
I can count my married friends ON ONE HAND.
I had an entire pot of chocolate cream FOR DINNER.
You are too old to ride this ride.

  • I’ve always wondered if I’d find anything personally relevant in CL’s missed connections. I’m almost too afraid to look.

    • Amy

      Hey Steph,

      This is sooo embarrassing, but I check Missed Connections (almost) everyday. There’s usually something hilarious, hideous, and super romantic on any given day and I like over-imagining how these moments played out for real. Also, once and while (ie twice), there’s one for me. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been missed, but I don’t think that has to be a scary/bad thing. More like an “oooh look how small/interesting/voyeuristic our island is” thing.

  • Chris Griswold

    To my knowledge, I have gotten four Missed Connections in the past year. I say this not to brag, but instead to mention that I work at Trader Joe’s. The latter sort of lends itself to the former.

    One, I found almost entirely by chance, due to its having the same title as an episode of Veronica Mars. I don’t understand not putting an effort into meeting the person. Of course, this same girl later texted me, using the phone number she got from my Facebook profile, NEVER identifying who she was, and completely derailing a date I had arranged with another girl.

    I have dated and become friends with the first girl who wrote one for me. I became Facebook friends with a girl who MC’d me after riding the G train shuttle. I never responded to the last one. I knew who it was.

    For someone with startling Blue Eyes and an easy smile, I’d expect you to be getting them constantly.